Monday, December 15, 2008

Sarah's Winter Musical

It is amazing how fast this school year is going by. Even more amazing is how much Sarah has grown. She is turning out to be quite a smart talented beautiful and artistic girl. She has been studying voice and piano so when it was time for her school winter musical she was more than ready! We had all been so excited about this day and when it finally came we were in the biggest rush ever! I helped sarah choose the most beautiful dress and we curled her hair and she put lipgloss on and for extra bling added a brand new bracelet. Dad came home early from work to be there and nana Sydne drove a long way to come see her. It turned out to be a lot smaller than last years but nonetheless Sarah's class was the best! She looked so cute and they all sang and danced and although we had heard her sing that same songs a thousand times before this time it really took our breath away. they were all so adorable with their little hats that they had made special for that night. My only one regret was forgeting my camera but nana had hers so it wasn't a total failure. We then all went out for dinner to celebrate Sarah's great Job!


Brisceno said...

You look very pretty Sarah. I am proud of you. Love You Lots Kiddo.