Friday, January 2, 2009

christmas 2008

Today I went in to my office and came across 2007 christmas pictures and I could not help but feel great sentiment. For 2008 christmas the girls were so much bigger and in someway seemed more in to christmas. Well, maybe just lili since she was too little last year to know any better. Anyway I want to post some photos of christmas and our snow trip after christmas.

Yosemity turned out to be a lot of fun.We spend most of our time out in the snow just throwing snow balls at each other.LIli especially loved every second of the snow. We bought them snow ball makers and they made lots of them . they went up and down the hill to sled down. Lili impressed us because she has no fear!! That kid, Is growing up too fast! Sarah loves the hotel room service and jumping on the beds that is her favorite part of any trip. She does enjoy everything else but not as much as the room service. She is too funny! They are both too darn cute!


Brisceno said...

Looks like we both had similar Christmas plans. I wish we could have done these celebrations together. Lili sure seemed to enjoy sledding. Michael and her would have a blast together! Maybe they would actually "bond". ;) I'm glad to hear that there were no concussions on your trip.