Monday, November 24, 2008

Our trip to the desert.

Like every year I take the kids and go to palm desert to visit my family, and this year was no different the only difference was that I had a new family member there, Ashely and her family. Who we visited and had a nice little visit with. Her place is just too cute! I was so happy to see they were literally right by the pool and just a few blocks away from the mall my favorite place! It was so nice to see her and shane. His store was so adorable and he seemed very happy there and of course so did Ashely and the kids.
We also visited my sister and her family whom we stayed with for about 3 days, It was so nice to see the kids they are huge and I am telling you they look about a billion times bigger in person. We got to see a lot while we were there she took us to her school where she teaches and we got to see her in action. Her class is just so well put together I was very impressed. Richard (my brother in law) was such a sweet heart and took care of all 5 kids while my sister took me out to a fancy great tasting restaurant for my birthday!! We had oh so much fun.

The kids really enjoyed their time with the cousins too! They also enjoyed spending time with Tia Vero and Dee. We visited tia vero's new place. It was very nice and the girls particularly loved the dogs! they we very cute.

We ended up staying an extra day because the girls did not want to leave they wanted to stay and visit more with everyone Including Nana Linda where we stayed for another 3 days. We went to the movies and saw marni sarah's BFF. We also visited with my uncle and although I did not have time to see everyone else we will see them all soon. As we will be returning the first week of january. We can't wait!

We are also looking forward to seeing my sister and her kids for thanksgiving!


Brisceno said...

Can't wait 'till your next visit!!!