Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy birthday girls!

For the girls birthday this year we decided to make it a big one and to celebrate them together, before the end of the school year. I just want to say that it could have not been better. The girls were just so happy a lot of family came to the party. Nanny and Papa came and Aunt Hillary made the long drive with emma and rebecca and Tia Adri and Tio Jesse made the super long drive with cookie and yaya! We were just so blessed to have them around and the girls felt so special. That wasn't all there were a total of 22 kids at the party. It was a great turn out and I have to say that we just rocked the party. Here are some photos of the highlites...

The party was a carnival themed party and for one of the booths I hired a face painter (whom by the way was just fantastic even the adults got their faces painted) Lili was the first one to get her face painted along with her arms, legs and any other body part she could fit a design in. I think this booth was her favorite!

I also hired Suzy Q the clown. I was a bit worried that the older kids weren't gonna like the clown but they loved it. She did a magic show and both lili and sarah got to help with the magic act they were hilarious! I have to say that lili Impressed us because she really got in to it, she got on stage by herself with the clown and spoke to all the kids and wasn't shy at all. She loved it!

Sarah enjoyed hitting the clown piñata and she used the sweater hood (brilliant!) to round up all the candy that fell from the piñata. She was not one bit afraid to get in there and struggle with all the other kids for candy.

The balloon animals were also a hit all the kids lined up to ask Suzy Q the clown for theirs. Sarah asked for a dog of course!

Having family come was extra special to the girls. They really loved spending time with their cousins.

Nana Sydne was great! She played a fortune teller ( a fantastic one) for one of the booths. All the kids had a lot of fun getting their palms read and being told their future (Thank you Nannie!). We also had a can toss booth a bean bag booth and had a potato sack race and balloon toss game. The kids loved all of them but the balloon toss was with out a doubt sarah's favorite!

Even the boys (who are sometimes shy about wearing make-up) got their arms painted.

The cake was literally the "icing on the cake" It was so beautiful! The girls eyes just lit up and they were absolutely thrilled! It didn't only look stunning but it tasted fantastic. One layer was chocolate and the other two were almond with fresh fruit and it was soooo GOOD! Like in any carnival we also had caramel apples, cotton candy, popcorn and hot dogs.

At the end of the party the girls sat down and opened all their presents.. With hugs and laughs every one said their goodbyes. The girls still have not stopped talking about their party! Jared and I are still so tired but you know what we would do it all over again, just to see their beautiful smiling faces...


Brisceno said...

Yeah... new pictures. Lili looks so happy! Why didn't Sarah get her face painted? I bet you'll remember the party forever. We loved having ours and even over a year later, kids that attended still talk about it. Happy early Birthday girls. Wished we could be there.

Jennifer said...

The kids look great! and that cake looks delicious...too bad i missed it.

Nicky said...

wow! what a fun party! looks like you thought of everything. I wish I could have been there, this time I would've let you paint my face! LOL!